Powerful Infrastructure to Power Your Business

uHost is committed to providing our customers the best hosting services on the planet. We invest heavily in our infrastructure; spending the time, money, and energy necessary in order to provide the best support options. We carefully select the best equipment, hire only the best personnel, and house our data centers in prime locations in order to provide our customers with a superior infrastructure.

Excellence is no accident. At uHost, we appreciate the trust our customers place in our ability to provide them with a reliable network. We believe that you are not judged by your uptime, but rather by your downtime. To ensure that our customers receive the best support for their money, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure, carefully choosing the best equipment, the best location, and the best personnel for our data center and network.


Data Center

  • Redundant Power
  • Advanced Security
  • Controlled Environment
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Staffed 24/7/365


  • Anti–Static or Raised Floor
  • Redundant CRAC
    (Computer Room Air Conditioning) Units
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled
    and Monitored
  • Multi-Tier Ladder Rack System


  • 100% Guaranteed Uptime in Writing
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • Intelligent Routing


  • Closed Circuit Digital Camera System
  • Biometric and Card Access Entry System
  • Security System Monitoring (On and Off Site)
  • Multiple Checkpoints to controlled areas
  • All equipment housed in locking cabinets, cages or suites
  • Building is restricted access beyond lobby


  • Redundant UPS Systems for AC Power
  • Redundant DC Power Rectifiers &
    Battery Strings
  • Dual Power Grid from Utility with Static Switch
  • Diesel Generator Farm with Static Switch
    (5 x 1.5 MegaWatt)


  • DataTrax Facility Monitoring System
  • ADT / A–1 Automation Security System
    and Monitoring
  • Custom Monitoring System for Servers,
    Routers, Switches
  • Performance Monitoring

Phenomenal Support

  • <5 Minute Support Response
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Level 3 Engineers with Answers and Advice
  • 24x7 Live Technical Support
  • On-Site Technicians
  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement for Managed Customers