Redundancy's Important (Not To Mention Important)

From our redundant core, we supply two diverse network connections from two separate core switches. While only one connection is used to route traffic, the second connection is a hot-standby circuit ready to route traffic in the event of problem. The change-over to the hot-standby circuit happens instantly without any changes to the network configuration.

network diagram

uHost's network is comprised of top brand networking equipment from Foundry and Juniper. This hardware lies in a fully meshed configuration. The core of this network is fully redundant, for every switch or router there is at least one redundant hot spare.


The uHost network is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers (currently Verizon, Level(3), Sprint, XO Communications and WilTel) to minimize the network distance to the end user and to build network redundancy. uHost always ensures their network is below 50% total utilization. This allows peak network performance during normal traffic spikes.


Phenomenal Support

  • <5 Minute Support Response
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Level 3 Engineers with Answers and Advice
  • 24x7 Live Technical Support
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  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement for Managed Customers