Load Balancing For Peak Performance

Load balancing is typically used in order to enhance connections and efficiently distribute traffic among network servers to ensure application availability and performance. uHost takes load balancing one step farther by building in proactive monitoring and management of your server availability and network performance.



When providing an online service, 100% uptime is the first requirement. Our data center connects to multiple providers, giving our system a broad range of options for access to the Internet. Load balancing enhances your connections, distributing traffic efficiently among network servers so that no individual server is overburdened. It can also allow the service to continue even in the face of server down time due to server failure or server maintenance. Proper load balancing and monitoring can actually increase the speed of your packets while improving the reliability of the entire network.


Traffic is often unpredictable, and even the best maintained servers can be overwhelmed during peak usage. Load balancing from uHost includes enhanced monitoring of your servers at the bit level to establish benchmarks for measurement, giving us your baseline performance. This level of knowledge of your server allows us to proactively manage bottlenecks to prevent service slowdown or downtime.

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