Firewalls & VPNs For Flexible Protection

Although firewalls alone can help diminish some of the risks present on a network, they are limited in that they cannot secure specific servers or groups of server. A firewall operating with an IPSEC VPN allows for both centralized and flexible protection.



Firewalls prevent intrusion to your network by inspecting and filtering network traffic; granting or denying access to your system. A proper understanding of the functionality and features of firewalls is imperative for firewalls to perform appropriately. uHost's onsite, level 3 engineers are firewall professionals. They utilize cutting-edge firewall technology to create customized configurations based on your needs. Firewalls greatly enhance the security of a host or a network when used correctly and our experts have the knowledge required to build everything from a simple firewall protecting one server to a multi-zone firewall with high availability, eliminating single points of failure.



Virtual Private Network (VPN)

uHost deploys VPNs using IPSEC (IP SECurity). IPSec refers to a set of standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). IPSec provides host-to-host authentication and encryption to ensure data integrity. This lets hosts know that they're talking to the hosts they think they are as well as prevents attackers from being able to watch the traffic between machines.


Using a uHost VPN permits you to connect securely to the network at uHost, making certain that the data your transmit remains private. For additional security, the VPN bridges two networks, such as the client office and the uHost network.


Although firewalls can help to mitigate some of the risks present on an Internet without authentication or encryption, a firewall that utilizes an IPSEC VPN combines security for the data and the permissions of that data to pass through the firewall.

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